Bands and Ensembles
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Students now have a very easy way to enjoy music together. At Performance Music we currently have over six groups that get together each week and perform. With help from an instructor, students can pick and choose songs to perform, make new friends, and just have a good time. Every 3-4 months they'll put on a concert at the former Jester's Cafe for friends and family. Periodically, each group will preform live for friends and family at a public venue.

"Our Jazz Improv Group"
When considering a musical environment for your child, Performance Music is proud to offer varying types of instruction for groups of all ages and skill levels. Playing music with others is an unique experience, which tends to aid the student in performing at his/her highest level. Our Bands and Ensembles give students a great opportunity to perform for friends and family. Our approach here is very simple: have fun.

  • No long term commitment, however please inform us when you won't be available.
  • Various groups with different playing levels
  • To get started please call 413-568-5383 or email
  • All performances and sessions take place in Performance Music's Live Studio
  • We ask for student performers only, no adults unless with permission.